About ReNew Lab

The vision for Sonulase® was born when inventor Jonathan David and his team at ReNew Lab kept hearing from people that as much as they loved their skin brushes, they wished there was an easier way to clean the brushes. Out of that, came an "AhHa moment" - “What if we could create an intelligent brush that cleaned itself... and even did more”.  After extensive R&D, Sonulase® was born – an intelligent brush technology that not only “self-cleans” by integrating bacteria fighting UV light, but add in light-therapy to improve the appearance of your skin.

Sonulase® was not the first breakthrough innovation for the team. They also created Crystalift®, the world's first at home microdermabrasion system that used professional crystal and vacuum technology.

“Our mission is to create innovative professional technology anti-aging beauty devices that can be safely and effectively used by the at home consumer.” 

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